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To find housing in the different geographies click on the Search Listings menu and select the region that you need to find housing in. Once you are looking in the correct region you will be able to contact the landlords directly to line up housing. If you are using the Roommate Finder please create your profile from the housing site for the specific geography you will be living in.

If you currently have a great landlord please refer them to these sites to create an account so that the students who follow in your path can also have a great landlord experience.

Disclaimer: Inclusion of listings on our Ross University School of Medicine Off Campus housing website does not imply (explicitly or implicitly) the endorsement of or recommendation by Ross University School of Medicine. While properties and landlords listed on the website have been reviewed for compliance with certain minimum standards, this service is provided solely for your convenience, and you are responsible for evaluating the potential properties, landlords, and roommates. There are other sources of information available to you about housing, including newspapers, other websites and recommendations of other students; however, listings and landlords that do not appear on the website have either not been reviewed or have been denied listing for non-compliance with the minimum standards and may present added risk. Complications that may arise between students and landlords or between roommates, whether listed on the site or not, are your responsibility to resolve. Ross University School of Medicine reserves the right to withdraw listings from the website without cause or notice.

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Managers and Landlords in the area

For property owners and managers, using the Ross University School of Medicine Off-Campus Housing website is a fast and easy way to promote rental listings directly to RUSM students. Your rental listing includes unlimited text, property photos, mapping, and many other valuable features. Ross University School of Medicine Off-Campus Housing 101 provides swift access to pertinent information, minimizing the time required by housing seekers, property managers and landlords. For first-time landlords, your first month's listing is complimentary to try out our service; we think you will be pleased, and thank you for supporting the Ross University School of Medicine Off-Campus housing community